Apr 072012
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Interesting this one, I plan to test it out as they claim money can be earned by connecting with people and just socialising. But maybe the best place to get info on this is their own site But here’s the last blog message they sent

Yes it’s true..

Since we launched a month ago – and last week, 1000′s have joined from all over the world. There are currently over 20,000 indexed pages on Google… Many are making GROWING weekly bonus checks… Can you imagine what we’ll look like a year from now?

For those of you who joined with the uPro Package (our best value and fastest way to earn immediate CASH) or have upgraded to the uDiscover Advisor subscription ($75 / M), our uCO-OP Program is already working for you!

We’re sending out congratulatory e-mails to Advisors everyday with the good news about newly added Advisors / Unittors being placed into their uTeams! It’s really exciting to see what’s happening. When you get your e-mail, check your uBusiness Center -> uTeam Manager page. There you can search by “Advisors” and / or “Unitors” to see new people on your uTeam that have joined without you having had to speak to them! We are getting feedback for all over the world about this happening, and folks are super excited about it! If you haven’t received your e-mail yet, you will soon.

We are continuously bringing you new tools to build your Unittus business and increase your weekly bonuses.

If you would like to take advantage of our Business Building uCO-OP program, simply go to the My Account tab, and click on the “Upgrade” page or change your current subscription status to either auPro for current Free members, or uDiscover for those that are already a paid subscriber to benefit from this explosive new program today.

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